How to use Marketing to gain customers for your Small Business

How to use Marketing to gain customers for your small business.
Applying marketing strategies to engage with customers while driving product sales.

Content Curation: 4 Ways to Improve your Content Marketing Results

 image via Content creation is one of the best ways to engage an audience, making it essential to content marketing. However, we simply cannot cover every single topic in our industry. This is where content curation comes in handy, content curation is where you share the work of others in your industry. Content curationContinue reading “Content Curation: 4 Ways to Improve your Content Marketing Results”

How to use Engagement to Generate Leads at Trade Shows

image via It is important to attend industry trade shows either as an exhibitor or an attendee. Trade shows are a great way to keep up to date with trends in your industry. This will allow you to improve your product knowledge and assess the needs of customers in the market place. Trade showsContinue reading “How to use Engagement to Generate Leads at Trade Shows”

How Tech is Disrupting Marketing

 image via The goal of marketing is to help drive products sales. However, we cannot blindly follow the model of marketing & advertising of the 1960’s. Today, consumers have more access to more information than ever before. As a result, Marketers and brands do not control the conversation like they once did. Hitting consumersContinue reading “How Tech is Disrupting Marketing”

How to use Market Research to Drive Product Sales

Before businesses can sell anything, they need to determine if there is a market for their products and services. Most businesses will not necessarily be creating new product categories. As a result, they will be entering into a market place that already exists. This is true if you are a re-seller or distributor of productsContinue reading “How to use Market Research to Drive Product Sales”

How to Collaborate using Google Drive

        Google Drive offers people a great way to collaborate and share ideas. Teachers and business professionals alike can share documents and presentations along with editing them. In today’s world, we all need to collaborate to be successful. Google Drive has made my life a whole lot easier.            Google Drive allows users toContinue reading “How to Collaborate using Google Drive”

How Laws and Mandates Create and Disrupt Markets

Laws and mandates have major changes on the products and services that we use. Markets for goods and services are created and disrupted. An example of this is the Prohibition era in the United States. Prohibition was a time when the sale of drinking alcohol was made illegal by States and the Federal government. TheContinue reading “How Laws and Mandates Create and Disrupt Markets”

Increase Sales by Firing your Worst Customers

Everyone has that customer that is a late payer, nasty  and/or a time waster that they wished they could fire. In previous posts, I have discussed how to deal with difficult customers, sociopaths and how to get customers to pay on time. However, there are some customers that need to be fired. The question isContinue reading “Increase Sales by Firing your Worst Customers”

Close Sales during Cold Calling with the Columbo Technique

In previous articles, I have discussed how to overcome objections and make cold calls successfully as referenced below. “In sales, everyone has to be able to overcome objections in order to be successful. The best way to overcome objections is to prevent them. This can be done by providing a thorough sales presentation that coversContinue reading “Close Sales during Cold Calling with the Columbo Technique”