How Tech is Disrupting Marketing

 image via The goal of marketing is to help drive products sales. However, we cannot blindly follow the model of marketing & advertising of the 1960’s. Today, consumers have more access to more information than ever before. As a result, Marketers and brands do not control the conversation like they once did. Hitting consumersContinue reading “How Tech is Disrupting Marketing”


How LinkedIn can increase its Revenue from Pulse users

image via LinkedIn’s long form publishing is a great resource for users of the platform. Users can upload, pictures, videos and share links in their posts. Members can also add up to three tags for SEO purposes. The long form offers the blogging  functionality of other platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, tumblr & Medium. However,Continue reading “How LinkedIn can increase its Revenue from Pulse users”

How YouTube can increase Revenue & Engagement from Its Mobile App

YouTube is a great platform. It has been very beneficial to me. I enjoy using the app on my mobile device as well. However, the app on mobile devices can be improved. YouTube is a great video app, but remember, that video contains audio as well. I mention this because when using YouTube on myContinue reading “How YouTube can increase Revenue & Engagement from Its Mobile App”