How Tech is Disrupting Marketing

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The goal of marketing is to help drive products sales. However, we cannot blindly follow the model of marketing & advertising of the 1960’s. Today, consumers have more access to more information than ever before. As a result, Marketers and brands do not control the conversation like they once did. Hitting consumers with ads through television and print and even online does not have the power that they once did. Consumers are being bombarded with messages like never before. As a result, their attention span is being diminished; meaning that unless your message is highly engaging and valuable to the needs of the consumer; it is likely to be ignored.

Traditional marketing is being disrupted by technology. The technology comes in the form of the internet, mobile, social media channels, publishing platforms, audio books and video on demand. All of these channels have the effect of giving consumers instant access to information. As a result, consumers are looking to brands not to sell their products through traditional marketing and advertising but to provide answers to their questions. In other words, brands have to provide a value message and earn consumer trust to get them to buy.

This marketing disruption is known as information marketing through content or simply content marketing. As a result, Marketers and brands have to become the educators or teachers of consumers. To become the educators of consumers brands have to become the industry resource  to consumers; showing how their products can solve problems and improve the lives of consumers.

Brands can do this by using an information marketing strategy. This can be done through creating custom digital and print properties that answer questions in that consumers have. Information marketing or content marketing  has to provide answers to consumers and should not be a flat out sales pitch.

During my time in Outside Sales in the dental industry, I didn’t sell dental products, I educated and taught my customers about the products I sold along with those of my competitors. In other words, I served as an industry resource to my customers, helping them buy my products that would be a fit. If my products were not be a good fit, I would not force the sales; I would suggest other products. This is what helped me keep my credibility; allowing me to earn future business.  As a classroom Teacher, I used the same strategy, when students had questions and when parents would ask me about what resources could help their children learn better.

As I make the transition, into digital and content marketing I provide consumers with information through content creation and advice.

Today, brands and marketers need to serve as industry resources for their consumers, educating them on what products would be best for them. This can be achieved through information marketing through content or content marketing. As you can see, marketing is being disrupted by technology into information marketing or content marketing. For brands to keep up their product sales, they will need to rise to the occasion and meet the needs of today’s consumer.

How has technology disrupted your Marketing strategy?

Want to learn more about the rise of Content Marketing? View this documentary from The Content Marketing Institute.

About the Author

Dan is passionate about using Marketing to help businesses drive sales. He has worked on various marketing assignments that include a Start Up,Political Campaign & a Digital Marketing Conference.

Prior to Teaching, Dan served customers as an Outside Sales & Marketing Representative in the Dental industry. In this role, he taught and trained Dentists on the  company’s products and services using a consultative selling approach. He also supported the company’s marketing efforts at industry trade shows & in the field through lead generation of Digital Technology along with large Dental Equipment.

He writes and publishes a business blog on the topics of Sales, Marketing & Social Media entitled Sales, Marketing & Social Media Today.

Dan is seeking a full time marketing role in New York City. He is interested in roles in Direct, Digital, Content & Social Media Marketing. If your company is hiring for roles in these areas, contact him directly via a free LinkedIn Message or email him at to set up interviews.

How LinkedIn can increase its Revenue from Pulse users

How LinkedIn can increase its user Revenue from Pulse

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LinkedIn’s long form publishing is a great resource for users of the platform. Users can upload, pictures, videos and share links in their posts. Members can also add up to three tags for SEO purposes. The long form offers the blogging  functionality of other platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, tumblr & Medium.

However, the link addresses assigned to the long posts are very long; each user profile is assigned a specific number. Here is the opportunity for LinkedIn to raise more revenue from users. LinkedIn should allow users to buy a custom url or domain. This way users can brand the content they publish on the platform.

Letting users have a custom domain name based on LinkedIn will allow the platforms to compete with other blogging platforms. This will come in handy when sharing the content on other social networks because the content branding will be improved.

Custom domains on LinkedIn is the next step for the platform to become a full blogging site.

Would you purchase a custom domain or url for your content from LinkedIn?

Feel free to comment and share your ideas.

How YouTube can increase Revenue & Engagement from Its Mobile App

YouTube is a great platform. It has been very beneficial to me. I enjoy using the app on my mobile device as well. However, the app on mobile devices can be improved.

YouTube is a great video app, but remember, that video contains audio as well. I mention this because when using YouTube on my mobile device, it is the only thing that I can use when the app is open. Although it is okay when watching a video, listening to music or an audio track; you cannot listen to an audio track  in the background. Apps such as Audible and other MP3 players on mobile devices offer this functionality.

If YouTube would allow its app to be used in conjunction with other apps on mobile devices, it would be used more


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often. If the app is used more often, the app could generate more advertising revenue because more eyeballs and ears would be focused on content for a longer time. In other words, YouTube’s users would be more engaged with content on the app.

How do you use YouTube on your mobile device?

Do you think the app could be improved?

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

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