Why all Social Networks should build a Publishing Platform

Social Networks are great places to discuss and share ideas. While many networks have developed various proprietary video apps, they do not have a place to write and publish original content. LinkedIn did a great thing by creating the long form post. The long post form allows users to create, publish and share their content with users on the site. Recently, LinkedIn allows users to create three SEO tags to categorize their work. LinkedIn also offers various leaders across all verticals; the opportunity to become influencers. Influencers content is published and then shared with all users on the site through LinkedIn Pulse.

Social Networks that build Publishing platforms similar to LinkedIn will get the benefit of not only content curation but content creation.

Allowing users to create original content on Social Networks will lead to users staying on the site longer; creating  more engagement.

Keeping users more engaged will help social networks to sell more advertising to brands by offering them different options like sponsored articles. Social Networks will benefit from increased traffic because users can stay on their site as opposed to having users clicking links and being directed to another site. Brands will be able to team up with social networks to create and co-create an amazing user experience and increase revenue at the same time.

This needs to researched and tested by social networks.