4 Key Insights from DMWF

Last week I covered the Digital & Social Marketing Conference in New York. There were many amazing panel discussions on Digital and Social Marketing. My key takeaways were: 1. Influencer Marketing is growing and it is up to brands to get it right. 2.Brands need to use Social Listening to understand their Customers if theyContinue reading “4 Key Insights from DMWF”

How Businesses will Increase Sales by Improving How they Hire Marketing Staff

image via http://www.slideshare.net/NashvilleTechCouncil/the-power-of-smarketing-40266445 Sales reps can only be as good as the product and message they represent. Before companies can hire Sales reps, they need a great product with messaging that conveys the benefits to customers. Sales Reps need support from marketing in the cross functional organization of tomorrow. The messaging should be able to preventContinue reading “How Businesses will Increase Sales by Improving How they Hire Marketing Staff”

Content Curation: 4 Ways to Improve your Content Marketing Results

 image via wonacotpr.com Content creation is one of the best ways to engage an audience, making it essential to content marketing. However, we simply cannot cover every single topic in our industry. This is where content curation comes in handy, content curation is where you share the work of others in your industry. Content curationContinue reading “Content Curation: 4 Ways to Improve your Content Marketing Results”

5 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Storytelling

A LinkedIn profile is a great opportunity to show case who you are and what you can do for others.  To effectively show case yourself with your LinkedIn profile, you need to be able to tell a story that is credible and engaging. How do you tell a story on LinkedIn with your profile? ThereContinue reading “5 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Storytelling”

A Guide to Getting Started on Social Media

Today, many people and organizations are using Social Media to get their message out. If you are not using Social Media you are missing a an opportunity. The major Social networks are LinkedIn, Twitter ,Facebook tumblr, & WordPress. These networks have similarities in the sense they are designed for people to communicate. Below is howContinue reading “A Guide to Getting Started on Social Media”