The Best Places to Market Your Business to Qualified Buyers

For your business to have any success in generating sales, you have to know four things:

1         Who can buy your product or service?

2         Who are the decision makers?

3         Where are these decision makers going to make buying decisions?

4         How do these people make buying decisions?

I covered the first two questions in a previous post.  Let’s focus on questions three and four.  To find out where the decision makers go to make buying decisions you need to do following:

Ask them, how did you decide on buying product XYZ? This will be easier to with your existing customers but prospects will respect you for asking questions that other people don’t. Another place to see where decision makers go to buy your products is trade shows. You could attend as either an exhibitor or an attendee. Try to get a booth at the show. Exhibitors are provided with demographics of who attends the show and have a chance to interact with buyers directly. Does your customer base have a specific incentive to make purchases at a certain time period?  For example, when I was a sales rep in the Dental industry, the IRS allowed dentists to write off capital equipment purchases they made up to a certain amount. If you cannot afford to go as an exhibitor then go as an attendee. This way you can see what goes on first hand.

Now on how these people make buying decisions. This information could be obtained by asking them or it could be obtained by looking for published research. If none exists, conduct a survey and offer a free gift to fill it out. You could even include questions on how they came to a decision to make a purchase. SurveyMonkey is a good way to do this.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing your business using social media is a great way to build your business and reach potential buyers. Before I discuss more about this, I want to ask you some questions?

Do you have a website? If not, why not?  Websites are easy to put together. I put mine together rather quickly. Having a site helps your business come up in searches. When I Google you and your business what comes up? Go ahead and try it now.  If nothing comes up, that’s not good!

Now you’re asking what do I put on my website? I would put basic information that sells who you are and what you do. I would also upload information on your products and services. You should include a resume,  testimonials and a blog. A website is like fashion, it is never finished. You can look at my site as an example. I also write a blog and publish online newspapers. I use my blog to give my followers a value massage.  This blog is published on WordPress and Tumblr. I share the content throughout my social networks.  I will cover how to build a website and a blog in future posts.

The Social Networks that I would have a presence on are the following: LinkedInTwitterFacebook, and Google+. I also have social sharing buttons on my site and blog.  Pinterest is also a good network; however I have focused on the first four.

I would try to build a following on each these networks. Your best bet on how to do this is to share good content with people. When I started, I shared other people’s articles, and then I wrote my own.  However, I still share others content that I find interesting. You can market your business with these updates. Search for people who are have an interest to what you have to offer. I have provided links to articles I have wrote on how to do this on these networks.

These are the basics on how to market your business to potential buyers.

The Best Day & Time to Execute an Email Campaign

Many people ask, what is the best day and time to execute an email campaign?

Instead of trying to figure out the best day and time to execute an email marketing campaign, I would instead focus on the content. I would ask the following questions:

1)      What message do I want to send?

2)      What action do I want my customers and prospects to take?

3)      Is the content of my message relevant to my customers?

4)      Will customers see my email campaign as a value message or just another solicitation?

For example, I write a blog on the topics of Sales, Marketing and Social Media. My readers can choose to follow me through my RSS feed, through email, WordPress, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Facebook. I use my blog to do my email marketing. As you can see, my subscribers see my blog as a value message. In fact, when you enter your email address to subscribe to my blog, you will receive a confirmation email. This is known as an opt-in.

It is important to note that when building an email list; to get the recipients consent through an opt-in. If you are building a list from your website you can use services such as Constant Contact.  When executing an email campaign, make sure to protect the privacy of your customers by blind copying them. When the customer receives the email, it should say sent to undisclosed recipients.

To answer the original question, I would say that any day and time is great to engage consumers through email marketing; especially in today’s digital world. Consumers are on different schedules and have different needs so it is hard to predict which day would be best to send out emails. If you wanted to obtain concrete data on which day would be best to email consumers, you would need to develop and implement a survey that asks consumers what day they opened and received your messages.  Services such as SurveyMonkey can be used to create the surveys. I use a widget on my site to obtain feedback on what content people want to see from me. This information could then be compared with the customer’s date of purchase to see how long it took them act on your message. (The sales cycle)

If at first you get a low response rate to your survey, you may need to offer an incentive like a gift card for each completed survey or a chance to win a gift card in a drawing; this would be dependent on your budget.