2016 NY Auto Show Press Preview

Image via http://www.logo-designer.co/new-york-auto-show-unveils-new-logo-design-brand-strategy/ There are countless exhibits at the New York Auto Show that were integrated with cutting edge technology, Hybrids and Virtual Reality or VR for short. After two days of coverage on the press preview days, I am going to share my favorite product unveils and displays. #Press Preview from 2016 @NYAutoShow https://t.co/x1jJJ1mFXm #nyiasContinue reading “2016 NY Auto Show Press Preview”

4 Industries being Disrupted by Tech

  image via http://visual.ly/mckinsey-global-institute-12-disruptive-technologies Tech is disrupting industry in many ways. Below are four examples. 1. Ecommerce & Retail Dominos uses Twitter, Smartphones Smart watches & other Digital Technology to drive Sales. Dominos uses Twitter & other technology platforms such as Smart Watches Text messaging, Smart TV, Car & Voice to help drive sales. How AmazonContinue reading “4 Industries being Disrupted by Tech”

How Amazon is Disrupting the Product Restocking Market

Image via http://www3.pcmag.com/media/images/462223-amazon-dash-button-tide-810.jpg?thumb=y&width=740&height=426 In 2015, Amazon launched a Dash Replacement Service. The service offered with home appliances with built in connected API’s with the option of reordering dish soap and detergent. Since early 2015 brands such as Brother International, General Electric, Gmate have partnered with the online retailer. Even Samsung has partnered up with Amazon to allowContinue reading “How Amazon is Disrupting the Product Restocking Market”