4 Examples of How Social Media platforms can increase Revenue & Engagement

I have examined 4 ways how social networks can increase user revenue & engagement. The last is how a brand partnered with a Social Network to drive product sales. Publishing/Marketing/Branding 1.Why all Social Networks should build a Publishing Platform Social Networks are great places to discuss and share ideas. While many networks have developed variousContinue reading “4 Examples of How Social Media platforms can increase Revenue & Engagement”

How to Pin Tweets using iOS & Android Devices

Image from hughbriss.com Twitter now lets users Pin Tweets from iOS & Android Devices. Here is how to pin your Tweets. 1. Click on your profile. 2. Scroll down to the Tweet that you want to pin to your profile. 3. Click on the Tweet. 4. Click on the three dots on the top rightContinue reading “How to Pin Tweets using iOS & Android Devices”

Did Mobile Kill the TV Star?

Everyone remembers the popular song Video Killed the Radio star, which was a song about how the technology of television made radio and the radio star obsolete. As mobile devices and social media have become more prevalent worldwide; access to video content via video search engines/sharing services such as YouTube, Hulu and Netflix have disruptedContinue reading “Did Mobile Kill the TV Star?”