7 Takeaways from My Paper.li #Bizheroes Chat

I recently lead a discussion on building and maintaining a LinkedIn audience on Paper.li’s #Bizheroes Chat. Here are 7 Takeaways in case you missed the chat: Q1. How do we start building an audience in LinkedIn? What are the first steps? The first thing you can do to start building a LinkedIn audience is toContinue reading “7 Takeaways from My Paper.li #Bizheroes Chat”

How to Write & Publish Compelling Content on LinkedIn

image  via https://i2.wp.com/animoto.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Screen-Shot- Writing on LinkedIn’s long form post is similar to writing blog posts. Your goal is to engage your readers & build an audience. Let’s explore the features of the LinkedIn publishing platform. The Structure of the LinkedIn long form  Title The platform provides a place for a title. Tool Bar Underneath the title,Continue reading “How to Write & Publish Compelling Content on LinkedIn”