Using Marketing to Innovate the Organization

The purpose of the Sales and Marketing functions is to drive revenue for the organization. Below you will find Sales and Marketing Strategies for driving revenue that can be Applied in any industry. You will also see how to use Marketing to improve the organizations relationship with internal and external customers. 1.Market Research & CompetitorContinue reading “Using Marketing to Innovate the Organization”

2018 Marketing Job Search & Networking Dear WordPress Followers: Happy Holidays and thank you for your support. Are you hiring for roles in Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, Product Marketing, Content Marketing, Customer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Lead Gen, Demand Gen, Retention Marketing, Sales Enablement, Talent Branding and Employer Branding? My combined experience in Sales, Marketing, Social Media, helping Customers andContinue reading “2018 Marketing Job Search & Networking”

How to use Marketing to Build a Great Talent Brand Brands use Marketing to increase Sales, Revenue and to beat the competition. While this is a great strategy, a brand is only as good as its talent. Yes brands are in competition to get and keep customers; but they are also competing to get and keep great talent. In order for brands to grow,Continue reading “How to use Marketing to Build a Great Talent Brand”