Marketing Strategies for Talent Branding, Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing

Brands use Marketing to increase sales, and revenue, and to beat the competition. While this is a great strategy, a brand is only as good as its talent. Yes, brands compete to get and keep customers; but they are also competing to get and keep great talent. For brands to grow, they need great talentContinue reading “Marketing Strategies for Talent Branding, Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing”

Key Insights from the World Business Forum

I recently has the privilege to cover the World Business Forum in NYC last week. There were so many great panels and top business minds at the event. I want to highlight some of my favorites. 1. Seth Godin’s talk on Marketing where he discusses How today’s Marketer needs to be both remarkable and generous.Continue reading “Key Insights from the World Business Forum”