Start-Ups, Networking & Innovation Intersect at Propelify 2019


I covered Propelify in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Propelify is an event where people from across the Northeast can turn ideas into action.

Officials from the New Jersey State government attended. They offered entrepreneurs resources to start and/or scale their business in New Jersey.


New Jersey Tech Council CEO Aaron Price and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy delivered the opening keynote. In their keynote, Aaron and Governor Murphy discussed Propelify’s mission and why businesses should consider New Jersey.

There were additional talks on topics from Cannabis, Customer Experience, Marketing, Sales, Recruiting and Entrepreneurship.


Cannabis: From New Brand To IPO In A Prohibition Market panel.


Rebecca Price moderates a panel on The Science Behind Smart Recruiting and Seeing Thru the Resume.

Entrepreneurs networked with investors. There was also a Startup competition.


Exhibitors represented diverse entities ranging from Government, Advertising, Financial Services, CPG, HRTech, Universities, Incubators, Accelerators, IT, Healthcare and E-commerce brands.

Propelify was a great event.

I want to thank Aaron Price and the New Jersey Tech Council for having me as their guest.

New Jersey Innovation in Action at Venture Conference

I had the privilege of covering the Venture Conference in Newark, NJ this past Thursday.

James Barrood, President of the NJ Tech Council opened the conference.

The conference was held at NJIT; a school that prides itself on preparing its student for STEM careers.

NJIT is helping to innovate New Jersey. NJIT President Joel Bloom discussed this in his keynote address.

The conference was run by the NJ Tech Council.

The council’s mission is to: collectively representing tech, life science and tech-related companies and organizations as well as the professional firms that support them, the Tech Council has the unique ability to:

  1. Offer opportunities to learn, network and grow
  2. Recognize and promote member companies and their leadership
  3. Nurture the tech and STEM talent pipeline critical to growth
  4. Provide access to financing sources and additional resources
  5. Advocate and support public policy which strengthens our ecosystem

Founded in 1996, the Council is a private, nonprofit membership organization, which supports the tech, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystems across the state and region. It is among the largest and most respected trade organizations of its kind nationwide.

The focus of the event was to help New Jersey startups grow and raise funds. Startups pitched their businesses and asked for funding.

There were two rounds of pitches along with networking opportunities. The startups that pitched represent industries such as but not limited to: EdTech, E-Learning, Healthcare, Sports Betting and esports.

Round 1 included

LifeCuff Technologies Inc.
Upside Health
eCare21, Inc
VibeGather, LLC
TrueConnect Systems, Inc
Krow Network
MARCo Technologies LLC
Lambent Data
Life Skill Software
OculoMotor Technologies
SRL Group
MedifVu, LLC
Totally Pregnant

Round 2 Included

PeerChecked, Inc.
Medality Medical
Smirta Innovations Inc.
Vikar Technologies
Commerce Blitz, LLC.
XPEED Turbine Technology
Pochette, LLC
Genomic Prediction
Pullup Technologies
ROAR for Good
Indie Art World
Elemeno Health
Caregiver Smart Solutions
MYXR Events Corp.
Speak2 Software

More information can be found here.

You could feel the energy and excitement in the air as I was able to speak with 48 innovate startups.

I really enjoyed the keynote speech by the FanDuel EVP & Head of Strategy David Van Egmond.

In the speech, he discussed how he helped FanDuel grow and succeed. He also discussed the industry of online sports betting and esports; both are growth industries. These industries are legal in New Jersey and serve as a great source of revenue for the state.

It was a great event. I want to thank the NJ Tech Council for allowing me to cover the conference.

2018 Marketing Job Search & Networking

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How to Qualify and Close Leads

In my last post, I wrote about the various ways businesses can get leads. Now that you have collected all these leads, what do you do with them? In this post, I will discuss how to qualify and close the leads you get.

Prior to calling on the leads you need to do the following:

1 Read the business cards looking for notes you jotted down about where you met the contact and something about them. (A phrase or keyword)

2 Enter this information into your CRM software.

3 Do this for all the leads you receive.

Next you need to plan a form of action. You need to decide your method of contact. Are you going to call the people on the phone, email to follow-up, market to them through direct mail or make a cold call in person disclosing that the prospect contacted you about your product and services?  The method that you choose will depend on the kinds of product you sell and the size of your business/territory.

I am going to focus on the email follow-up and the in person cold calls.

Following-up via email

You should write the following:

Dear Mr. Smith:

Hi it’s Dan Galante.  I hope you are doing well.

We met at XYZ. You saw a demo of product xyz. /We discussed__________.

I would like to speak with to know your thoughts. If you are interested or have any questions email me at  or call 1-555-555-5555.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Dan Galante

This letter asks for feedback from the prospect without being too pushy.

Based on the reception you get from this letter, you can qualify the prospect as a Cold, Warm or Hot lead. This activity needs to be logged in your CRM software.  This letter could be followed-up with a phone call or an in person cold call.

Making an in person cold call

I spoke about how to make a cold call  in an earlier post.

To do this successfully you would need to the following:

1 Make friends with the Gate-keeper.

2 Ask to speak with the decision maker.

Being that you are following-up on a lead; you already know the decision maker and can ask for them by name. When the gate-keeper asks why you are here to see the decision maker you should say that they contacted you about your product.

If you get to speak the decision maker; build rapport and be ready to deliver your sales presentation. Make  sure to ask for the sale. Also be sure to qualify their objections.

If the decision maker is not around; try to get an appointment.

Whether or not you make the sale, make sure to log this activity in your CRM software.

It is important to follow-up on all your sales activities and to keep records!

This is how to qualify and close leads.

Until next time, thank you for reading.