Selling and Marketing Brand X

When you are selling and marketing a brand x product, there are many challenges that you face. These challenges range from questions on product reliability to a lack of brand recognition. One of the first things that I would handle is product reliability. This comes from the product development and engineering side of your business.Continue reading “Selling and Marketing Brand X”

Why you Should attend Pivot Conference 2012

This year I have the honor of serving as a Brand Ambassador for the Pivot Conference. Last year, at the conference we explored Social Media as it related to the Social Consumer, Marketing, engagement and Advertising. This year the conference focuses on Social Media 2.0. This year Social Consumerism is explored through the lens of commerce,Continue reading “Why you Should attend Pivot Conference 2012”

Build your Business with Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to build your business. Whether you are a Sales Rep or run a small business, what customers and prospects say about you determines the kind of success you have. Word of Mouth Marketing or WOMM is what your customers andContinue reading “Build your Business with Word of Mouth Marketing”

Getting to Yes when the Answer has been No:Dealing with Rejection in Sales and Business

Dealing with rejection in sales and business is tough.  I remember my time in outside sales in New York City. I would make a lot of cold calls or try to up-sell or cross-sell products to existing customers. I remember days in the field when the answer I received was some form of no. Sometimes no matterContinue reading “Getting to Yes when the Answer has been No:Dealing with Rejection in Sales and Business”

How to Create a Blog on WordPress and Tumblr

Writing a blog is great way to share your ideas and market your expertise in an area. I began blogging back in November 2011. Blogging had connected me with so many great people around the globe. I began publishing on the WordPress platform. Recently, I began cross publishing my blog on Tumblr. In this post,Continue reading “How to Create a Blog on WordPress and Tumblr”

The Best Places to Market Your Business to Qualified Buyers

For your business to have any success in generating sales, you have to know four things: 1         Who can buy your product or service? 2         Who are the decision makers? 3         Where are these decision makers going to make buying decisions? 4         How do these people make buying decisions? I covered the first two questions in aContinue reading “The Best Places to Market Your Business to Qualified Buyers”

The Best Day & Time to Execute an Email Campaign

Many people ask, what is the best day and time to execute an email campaign? Instead of trying to figure out the best day and time to execute an email marketing campaign, I would instead focus on the content. I would ask the following questions: 1)      What message do I want to send? 2)      What action doContinue reading “The Best Day & Time to Execute an Email Campaign”

What the New York Auto Show Can Teach Us About Trade Show Marketing

Trade show marketing is important for companies to build brand awareness. The purpose for trade shows is to drive sales.  As a Dental Sales Rep, I worked the Greater New York Dental meeting. This is a show where Dental Manufacturers and distributors show off current and new products they have to offer. Today, I am goingContinue reading “What the New York Auto Show Can Teach Us About Trade Show Marketing”

How to Qualify and Close Leads

In my last post, I wrote about the various ways businesses can get leads. Now that you have collected all these leads, what do you do with them? In this post, I will discuss how to qualify and close the leads you get. Prior to calling on the leads you need to do the following:Continue reading “How to Qualify and Close Leads”

How to Generate Leads for Your Business

Lead Generation is an essential building block for businesses to find potential buyers who are interested in their products and services. In previous posts, I discussed how to prospect and identify your target market. In this post, I will discuss how businesses can find leads and what mediums can be used to obtain leads. Many mediums can be used toContinue reading “How to Generate Leads for Your Business”