How to Improve Lead Generation & Customer Engagement with Free Samples

I asked my LinkedIn audience If the Sales and Marketing functions were merged and run by Sales, What would be your main focus? Why? As you can see, 68% of those surveyed said that increased lead generation and demand generation was a top priority. What this means is that people see Marketing as a vehicleContinue reading “How to Improve Lead Generation & Customer Engagement with Free Samples”

Why Free Trials increase Sales & Customer Loyalty

Free or Low-Cost Trials When creating a new offering, I would offer a free or low-cost trial of your product to the end-users and industry experts. Consumers look for social proof before they buy a product. Now if the product is new, none exists. To lower buyer resistance, you need to make it low riskContinue reading “Why Free Trials increase Sales & Customer Loyalty”

5 Ways Marketers Can Use Web Analytics for Free

  image via¬† There are plenty of ways for marketers to measure the reach of their content and track customer behavior with marketing analytics. Many of these resources can prove to be quite expensive but in some cases make sense to purchase. However, there are plenty of free sources for marketing analytics. 1. Google AnalyticsContinue reading “5 Ways Marketers Can Use Web Analytics for Free”