Why you Should attend Pivot Conference 2012

This year I have the honor of serving as a Brand Ambassador for the Pivot Conference. Last year, at the conference we explored Social Media as it related to the Social Consumer, Marketing, engagement and Advertising. This year the conference focuses on Social Media 2.0. This year Social Consumerism is explored through the lens of commerce, customer service, product development and employee engagement. Pivot 2012 will focus on the rise of the Social Business.

If you are looking to the future of Social Media, the social consumer and the infrastructure of the Social Business, this conference is for you.

If you are a Social Media leader that gets it, this conference is for you!

The Conference is taking place on October 15-16TH in NYC which is just one week away!

Check out the Agenda.

Don’t miss out!

Attendee’s of Pivot 2012 will:

  • Meet the architects who are developing Social Businesses and the agencies and industry experts who are helping them define new models for consumer engagement.
  • Hear about unforeseen hurdles, how they broke through, how they secured buy-in, and how they started to bring together lines of business and functions that did not previously talk to one another.
  • Engage with the most creative minds helping Social Businesses connect with connected customers to influence behavior and outcomes.
  • Get inside the mind of the connected customer to learn how to influence decisions and become a trusted resource.
  • Convert activities and conversations into actionable insights that guide the creation of relevant product and services and inspire creative campaigns.
  • Measure the opportunities inherent in emerging and disruptive technologies to improve internal collaboration and customer engagement.
  • Define the customer journey pre-, during, and post-commerce to reinforce value, cultivate loyalty and foster advocacy.
  • Learn how Social Businesses are not only improving stakeholder engagement, but how marketing, sales, service, product development are adapting, improving efficiencies, and achieving business objectives through new methodologies.
  • Learn from the most effective strategies to successfully start the transformation.

If you sign up I can offer you a 20 percent discount. All you have to do is to enter the code VIP20.

I hope to see you there!


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