How Voice is Changing Marketing & Customer Experience

I recently covered  Voice Summit the largest voice tech conference that brings the conversational design ecosystem together in one place. The conference was hosted at New Jersey Institute of Technology. I was amazed about the impact voice technology will have on our lives. According to, Voice search will account for 50 % of allContinue reading “How Voice is Changing Marketing & Customer Experience”

How Tech Can Gain Market Share with the Teacher of Tomorrow

During my time in field sales, I wanted to obtain the business of Dental Schools and Hospitals. After obtaining meetings and making presentations to prominent Dentists, I was informed that they could not buy from me. After handling objections, showing how my offerings were better than the competition; I got to the heart of theContinue reading “How Tech Can Gain Market Share with the Teacher of Tomorrow”

How Turkey’s President is using Marketing & Tech to Stop a Coup

image via The military in Turkey is attempting to overthrow the Government in a coup. Bridges and roads are blocked. Also, the military has taken over state TV. However, the President of Turkey has been able to keep the military at bay by doing the following: 1. Using FaceTime a popular messaging service provided by Apple onContinue reading “How Turkey’s President is using Marketing & Tech to Stop a Coup”

4 Industries being Disrupted by Tech

  image via Tech is disrupting industry in many ways. Below are four examples. 1. Ecommerce & Retail Dominos uses Twitter, Smartphones Smart watches & other Digital Technology to drive Sales. Dominos uses Twitter & other technology platforms such as Smart Watches Text messaging, Smart TV, Car & Voice to help drive sales. How AmazonContinue reading “4 Industries being Disrupted by Tech”