How Turkey’s President is using Marketing & Tech to Stop a Coup

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The military in Turkey is attempting to overthrow the Government in a coup. Bridges and roads are blocked. Also, the military has taken over state TV.

However, the President of Turkey has been able to keep the military at bay by doing the following:

1. Using FaceTime a popular messaging service provided by Apple on the iPhone, iPad and other Apple Computers

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2. Directly appealing to his people using positioning which is one of the 7 principles of Marketing

News broke of the attempted coup just after the closing bell of the NYSE.

The President of Turkey was able to use FaceTime to reach CNN International. Using FaceTime, the President of Turkey made a public appeal to the people of Turkey.

Drawing on his popularity, he used positioning to appeal and persuade Turkish citizens to go into the streets confront the military and put their lives at risk in the name of Democracy. Citizens are confronting a military that is using tanks and military jets.

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The President’s ability to get people to fight for their country like this is a clear display of how powerful the tools of marketing and technology can be.

Currently, the military are shooting protesters attempting to the cross the bridge in Istanbul.

This is an ongoing story.

Do you think the President’s use of Marketing and Technology will be enough to stop the coup? Comment below.

Source Bloomberg News