4 Industries being Disrupted by Tech


4 Industries Being Disrupted by Tech

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Tech is disrupting industry in many ways. Below are four examples.

1. Ecommerce & Retail

Dominos uses Twitter, Smartphones Smart watches & other Digital Technology to drive Sales.

Dominos uses Twitter & other technology platforms such as Smart Watches Text messaging, Smart TV, Car & Voice to help drive sales.

How Amazon is Disrupting the In Home Product Restocking Market

In 2015, Amazon launched a Dash Replacement Service. The service offered with home appliances with built in connected API’s with the option of reordering dish soap and detergent. Since early 2015 brands such as Brother International, General Electric, Gmate have partnered with the online retailer. Even Samsung has partnered up with Amazon to allow its printer customers to reorder directly from the connected printer API on certain models.

In its latest move, Amazon has…

2. Marketing & Advertising

How Marketing is Being Disrupted by Tech

The goal of marketing is to help drive products sales. However, we can not blindly follow the model of marketing & advertising of the 1960’s. Today, consumers have more access to more information than ever before. As a result, Marketers and brands do not control the conversation like they once did. Hitting consumers with ads through television and print and even online does not have the power that they once did. Consumers are being bombarded with messages like never before. As a result…

3. Media & Television

Will Alternative Content Creation Disrupt big TV & Cable Networks?

Netflix signed a deal with actor Adam Sandler to create, produce and distribute several movies exclusively to their customers. These movies will not go to the big screen.

Has Netflix set a trend for alternative content providers such as YouTube and Hulu? Will content production versus content delivery be the answer for alternative providers to combat the monopoly of the large television networks/cable?

Did Mobile Kill the TV Star?

Everyone remembers the popular song Video Killed the Radio star, which was a song about how the technology of television made radio and the radio star obsolete. As mobile devices and social media have become more prevalent worldwide; access to video content via video search engines/sharing services such as YouTube, Hulu and Netflix have disrupted how content is accessed. Prior to this shift, television/cable networks have controlled how video content was shared and distributed. Today the alternative content sharing methods I described above, have changed the format of television. As more and more advertising dollars are being shifted to mobile from television, the way television is run has to change.

Back to my original question, will Television suffer the same fate as Radio?

4. Education & Education Technology

How Tech is Disrupting Education

The field of education is changing at a rapid rate. We can see these changes at all levels, especially at the K-12 space. Instructional shifts, Common Core standards and instructional technology are disrupting the way education is provided to students. SMART boards are used in a majority of classrooms which allows Teachers to make lessons interactive for students. The Teacher centered model is being replaced with the Student centered model. Students of today need constant stimulation, especially with technology. Traditional teaching methods and hardcover books do not stimulate the learners of today.

The Teacher of today is….

Clearly disruption & innovation is endless. Which industry do you think will be disrupted next? Comment below.

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Prior to teaching, Dan served customers as an Outside Sales & Marketing Rep in NYC. In this role, he taught & trained Dentists on the company’s products & services using a consultative selling approach combined with direct marketing. He also supported the company’s marketing efforts at industry trade shows.

He writes & publishes a business blog on the topics of Sales, Marketing & Social Media entitled Sales, Marketing & Social Media Today; which has grown to over 13,000 followers on LinkedIn & over 8,000 on WordPress.

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