100 Days to Increase Brand Awareness and Sales Enablement

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When Brand awareness and Sales are low for brands, it is tempting to start using social media and blogging to solve the issue. At first this sounds like a great idea, but without a well thought out plan, Brands will fail and damage the credibility they have built.

Prior to using social media and blogs, Brands have to examine what they want their Brand to mean. Market Research and Buyer Personas need to examined and updated.

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Everything from digital assets, Sales/Marketing collateral effectiveness, product messaging and the logo needs to be examined. It is important to have a clear consensus and consistency on your brand voice. Brands need to ask their customers what the brand means to them as well. Once this analysis is completed, the brand vision needs to be compared to the way customers see it. Brands should make changes to align the customer vision to the Brand vision.

Previously, I have written two articles 10 Ways to Grow your Audience and Build a Customer base and Social Media 101. This serves a time line to executing that plan.

Within 30 days

Create a handle that matches the company name

Start sharing articles they create and from outside industry sources to engage the followers and start to build reciprocal relationships

Share related follower content

Within 60 days

Host Twitter chats on industry related topics

Within 90 days

Use Periscope to shoot live videos

  1. LinkedIn

Within 30 days

Start using the LinkedIn publishing platform to publish content

Use this content to connect with and identify with prospects and customers

Share LinkedIn content on company page

Promote company page to gain more followers

Provide product offerings on the company page

Create a user group and invite current and prospective customers to join

Within 90 days

Use this group to take the discussion offline and have events

2. Facebook

Promote company page to gain more followers

Provide the types of software integrates with on the company page

Create a user group and invite current and prospective customers to join

Within 90 days

Use this group to take the discussion offline and have events

Use Facebook live to host chats

3. Pinterest/Instagram

Within 60 days

Use Visuals to engage with potential customers

4. Blog Content Creation

Within 30 days

Search Google trends for key terms around industry to build a niche audience

Create content around these terms to build up authority in the search engines

5. Website suggestions

Take ownership of the brand Handle the creation and updates of websites internally

Place a menu for the blog at the top of the site menu so it is easier to find

Have an in the news section visible on the navigation

Do not include company name in the title of articles

Make content easy to share by placing share buttons on each of content

Create calls to action on social channels encouraging email sign up for blog

6. YouTube

        Within 30 days

Place share button for YouTube on website, upload webinar content to YouTube

Within 90+ days

Have a video podcast with guest speakers on industry topics to build up subscribers on YouTube

7. Improving a Talent Brand

image via https://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/blog/2012/10/new-employer-brand-research

Build a Presence on other Social Media channels many overlook

  1. SlideShare

Content Curation

Within 30 days

Repurpose blog posts into presentations on SlideShare to cater to different types of learners

Write blog posts and LinkedIn articles using SlideShare embed the information

Use SEO tags to get found in the right places

2. Share content to Google+

Within 30 days

Build out a company page share tips and insights around customer


   1. Tumblr/WordPress/Medium

WithIn 30 days

Publish content on Tumblr/WordPress/Medium

Obtain domain name for each

Email Marketing


Use blog to build up a subscriber list

Share links to blog content, webinars, offers etc… in email

Get opt in during purchase of product and during demos

Make sure blog has a place for people to subscribe along with social followers

6. Analytics


Use analytics data from, website and social networks and email campaign to measure engagement, examine traffic sources and make decisions on strategy going forward

7. Event Marketing

90+ days

Use Social Media to organize and promote events to the get product in front of industry

Attend industry tradeshows

After all organic Marketing is maximized

Paid Options

  1. LinkedIn

Use content we create and advertise using the sponsored story feature targeting prospects and customers.

KPI: For Brand Awareness choose the Impressions option

KPI: For Conversions choose the PPC option

Create a display ad driving people to the site

2. SlideShare

Create a lead generation form to capture the email addresses of people viewing content

3. Twitter

Create display ad that drives people to the site

KPI: For Brand Awareness choose the Impressions option

KPI: For Conversions choose the PPC option

4. Google/YouTube

Create visual display ads to drive traffic to website

ie Google Display network, Adwords, Bing Ads

Sponsor webinar and YouTube video content

How have you increased Brand Awareness and Sales Enablement? Comment and share below.

Additional presentations can be found here.

About the Author

Dan is passionate about using Marketing to help businesses drive sales. HubSpot Certified in Inbound Marketing, Dan has worked on various marketing assignments including Start Ups, a Political Campaign & a Digital Marketing Conference.

Prior to teaching, Dan served customers as an Outside Sales & Marketing Rep in NYC. In this role, he taught & trained Dentists on the company’s products & services using a consultative selling approach combined with direct marketing. He also supported the company’s marketing efforts at industry trade shows.

He writes & publishes a business blog on the topics of Sales, Marketing & Social Media entitled Sales, Marketing & Social Media Today; which has grown to over 17,000 followers on LinkedIn & over 13,000 on WordPress.

Dan is seeking a full-time marketing role in Direct, Inbound, Digital, Content & Social Media Marketing. He is willing to be a CMO to create and build out the Marketing function of your organization if it does not exist. If your company is hiring for roles in these areas, contact him directly via a free LinkedIn Message or email him at Dan@DanGalante.com to set up interviews.


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