Boost Sales and launch Brands with Interview Marketing

When strangers get to know one another for the purpose of friendship, dating, employment, selling and networking; they ask questions about one another. This exchange of questions back and forth is known as an interview. Countless articles and books have been written about selling yourself in a job interview and the like. Now how can we take the skills of giving a good interview and apply them to Selling, Marketing and branding products? I call this Interview Marketing. Interview Marketing has been used by political leaders to sell ideas, business leaders to build brands and sell products along with launching careers of the unknown. For Interview Marketing to be successful, the person being interviewed need to be able to answer questions that are both scripted and unscripted. For example, politicians do this by working with their press people while hitting the Sunday morning talk shows. The person being interviewed also needs to be confident and have total product or idea knowledge of what they are sharing. Business leaders do this when they appear on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and the like. When business people share their opinions or analyze a story being discussed, they demonstrate their skills and expertise to a world audience of prospects. Businesses have sprung up around the concept of Interview Marketing. These businesses have you meet with a journalist to record an interview that they then in turn market to major news outlets for sharing. It’s no wonder that many people have the as seen on TV logo on their profile and products. People and businesses that are unknown use Interview Marketing when they appear on programs like SharkTank. People call this a pitch.Yes businesses appear on programs like this to get funding but many that do not get funding from the Sharks get discovered from the media exposure the show provides. So if you get asked by someone to do an interview about your product or service; do the interview.


Published by Dan Galante

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